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education brings about opportunity, and in turn inspiration

Who We Are

DIS was established in 2014 to serve the needs of the local communities of Dharwad. DIS was started with the intention of providing quality education and sporting facilities for the all round development of a child’s mind, body & soul. We are an English medium school, affiliated with CBSE upto Seconday Level. Our Affiliation number is 830829. Since the school opened, we have more than doubled in size and DIS is now home to around 300+ students. We have a diverse student body, with more than 10 languages represented on campus. While we celebrate our cultural and linguistic diversity, English is the language of instruction.

Vision: To become a centre of excellence for Human Resource Development by imparting holistic education through effective classroom teaching, enriching extra curricular & sporting activities and efficient use of modern technology coupled with traditional methods 
Mission: DIS' mission is
- To develop each child into a strong individual with values, ethics and a hunger for excellence
- To make creativity the core of every learning module
- To create a conducive environment where individuals learn to respect self, society and nature alike
Motto: Developing a tradition of excellence

What we VALUE at DIS (“Values”):
- Dedication Inspiration Success
- When asked what they want their children to be when they grow up, a large number of parents will reply that they want their children to be happy. We want the same    thing. Happiness is an important part of life, with its ups and downs; recognising it and valuing it in ourselves and in others is part of living a good life.
- Positive education grew from positive psychology, and is becoming more prominent in schools around the world, and especially in Australia. It is an approach to   education that focuses on developing the wellbeing of students, and it is an approach we are adopting at DIS, where we define positive education as “nurturing   strengths and personal motivation to promote learning and wellbeing based on a positive psychology approach.
- These are the values we share at DIS as being important for us in building wellbeing and developing an understanding of our goal for positive education.

School Admission

Admissions are open for Academic Year 2018-19 for Kindergarten and Primary 1 to 9.
Please pick up the application form available at our school office.


Please submit the duly filled up form along with photocopies of the birth certificate, school leaving certificate and previous report card (where applicable) along with 8 passport size photographs.
Note – DIS is strictly against any form of donations or capitation fees.

Contact Us

Write your message to the school here:

Dharwad International School

Campus- Survey No. 77/2 on NH 4, Singanahalli, Garag Hobli, Dharwad-580011, Karnataka

Mr. Gururaj

+91 94803 39803 / 94815 68922


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